John Adair for Congress

Doing What’s Best

John Adair

 Republican for Congress
for Southwest Missouri’s 7th District

Primary Election Date

August 6th, 2024

General Election Date

November 5th, 2024


John Adair

A seasoned construction expert and commercial and residential insurance claims adjuster, John has worked diligently to restore businesses and homes in 34 states. A graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, John Adair stands out for his robust conservative principles and proven leadership skills. His significant contributions to providing housing and disaster recovery, along with community projects, showcases his commitment to conservative values and economic growth.

Passionate about humanitarian efforts, John’s work with Tower of Strength Ministries in aiding orphans and widows in Zambia, Africa ( reflects his deep commitment to global community service. A vote for John is a vote for strong leadership, economic expertise, and a heart for community service.

John Adair

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The maximum donation allowed per person is $3,300 in the general election and $3,300 in the primary election.

John Adair

The Missouri Motto on our State Flag must live in each of us.

United we Stand, divided we Fall.

May God awaken us, teach us to love God and others again, heal our land, and may God truly bless America.

John Adair

Doing What’s Best

When I serve in Congress:

1. Commitment to Community and Nation

Taking care of our house, our families, our citizens, our veterans, and our Nation as what the Congress does as our FIRST PRIORITY every time. My job is to be a voice and an example representing how the people of Southwest Missouri live and ensuring we each have the tools, resources and infrastructure to truly thrive.

In Southwest Missouri, we have good cities where individuals, families and businesses thrive.  Our farms, ranches and small towns are also full of good hard working American people.   It is vital that both the rural communities and the cities of Southwest Missouri,  continue to pursue excellence in our relationships and businesses.  Then we must commit our time and resources to implement the best ideas that will serve our neighbors and those in need in Missouri and in our nation. Together we will be the ones who “Show Me” how it is supposed to be in America.

2. Term Limits

Championing legislation for TERM LIMITS. 10 years for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 12 years for a member of the U.S. Senate.

3. Fair Tax Legislation

Supporting and refining the Fair Tax Legislation concept that has been introduced by Representative Earl Carter from Georgia in Jan, 2023 to get a simpler and fairer tax system in America.

This legislation will allow all of us to pay the same rate on what we purchase, and eliminate personal, corporate, payroll, estate, gift and capital gains taxes and eliminate most tax filings.  Once the tax received by Congress is tied to the GDP income we make as a nation, then each member of Congress will be properly motivated to make sure we thrive in our individual states, as then our government will only thrive as the nation thrives.

4. Securing Our National Borders

Securing our National Borders. We will fund and complete the Border wall in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California as the 1st priority, through technology and physical barriers secure the Canadian Border, and strengthening the Coast Guard to defend the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico Beaches.  Our armed services need to be engaged as well on all our borders.  Entry and Exit to our land must be legal.

5. Economic Re-Development

Championing legislation that will empower and impassion the economic redevelopment of America.  We need to work together to make sure the best plans are implemented that will see small town America and our large cities thriving again in Southwest Missouri and across our nation.

We all are Americans and we now must rise together, or we will all fall together


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